Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LNG: What's happening this Week in Fundy and Abroad.

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English: Boston, Mass. (Aug. 25, 2004) - A 25-...
English: Boston, Mass. (Aug. 25, 2004) - A 25-foot U.S. Coast Guard boat assigned to the Coast Guard Station Boston, Mass., provides a security escort for the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanker Matthew in Boston Harbor. Escort of LNG Tankers are a multi-agency priority, consisting of Coast Guard, local and state police, and Massachusetts Environmental Patrol. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Public Affairs Specialist 3rd Class Kelly Newlin (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Review Process
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Filing Docket Comment Submissions
<http://www.savepassamaquoddybay.org/ferc.html#formal_filing_docket_submissions> >*Downeast
LNG* — CP07-52, CP07-53, CP07-54, CP07-55
<http://www.savepassamaquoddybay.org/ferc.html#elibrary_delng_formal_docket> > 2013

* May 13

o Save Passamaquoddy Bay — The US Coast Guard requires DeLNG
to obtain Passamaquoddy Nation approval of DeLNG's proposed
use of the waterway. The Saint Croix Schoodic Band of
Passamaquoddy /*disapproves*/ of Downeast LNG's proposed use
of the waterway.

*Downeast LNG has failed to meet this Coast Guard requirement.*

o Richard and Katherine Berry, and Paul and Suzanne
Crawford — Homes along the north shore of Mill Cove, across
the cove from proposed Downeast LNG, would be within the
Hazard Zone and Exclusion Zone. Photographs of the homes and
waterway are included.

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Nova Scotia

* India's H-Energy explores potential Canada LNG export terminal
<http://www.savepassamaquoddybay.org/news_archives/2013/news_2013_05may.html#13_reutersindia> (May
* Second LNG project proposed
<http://www.savepassamaquoddybay.org/news_archives/2013/news_2013_05may.html#13_chronicleherald> (May


* Do rig counts tell us much about oil and natural gas supplies
<http://www.savepassamaquoddybay.org/news_archives/2013/news_2013_05may.html#13_platts> (Apr

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