Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LNG - The 1st LNG Facility in 30 years in the Bay of Fundy's Passamaquoddy Bay?

This presentation is well worth watching, but, clearly this feature by MPBN's Main Watch has a bias towards the development of the two LNG terminals at Robbinston and Calais and, frankly, makes the opponents seem like a bunch of huggies.

But ... flash.... there is good news!! Rob Wyatt of Downeast LNG finally got it!!! We Canadians oppose these two proposals because of, as he stated, our "self interest economics". Wow, he is right, we are protecting an eco-economy that brings in a half billion to a billion dollars each year and employs thousands of individuals over here on the Canadian side through tourism, fisheries, aquaculture, research, education, and other sustainable industries that thrive on the economic backdrop of this very, very special ecosystem. You're right Rob .... it IS about the money. Ahhh ... isn't that why you are in the business? Or are you and Dean into altruistic endeavo(u)rs now. Yes, of course you are!!!

That's my opinion tonight. Watch the video at MPBN and then send your comments right here.

PS. As the US Coast Guard has already corrected Downeast LNG in their FERC submissions ... no tankers go to the Bayside port, only modest coastal freighters carrying aggregate, fish, and other none inflammable products. Just for fun, I did a mockup to scale showing the "largest" ship to enter Passamaquoddy Bay (I think that's what the Bangor Daily News called it) and an honest to goodness LNG tanker for comparison. Sorry folks, there is little comparison in length or height! LNG tankers are huge and would just about fit across Head Harbour Passage at Green Island Shoals ... make a great bridge for the folks from Campobello!!

The 1st LNG Facility in 30 years - Video at MPBN

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Photo Credit: Bangor Daily News and LNG tanker - unknown . Photoshop composite by Art MacKay

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