Friday, August 28, 2009

Bay of Fundy's Endangered Right Whales Move Inshore at Quoddy - LNG Trump Card?

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Developers who wish to establish LNG Terminals in Passamaquoddy Bay seem to know that the trump card from their opposition might well be the whales that literally plug Head Harbour Passage each summer and the endangered North Atlantic right whales that, later in the season, move into the approaches to Head Harbour Passage.

This year is no exception. As whale watchers have been reporting at, large numbers of finbacks and porpoise are using the passage and approaches daily and 15 to 20 right whales were reported near the entrance by whale watchers yesterday.

Together with Canada's opposition, whales brought down the Pittston Oil Refinery at Eastport many years ago. That will most certainly be the case again as listed species like finbacks, porpoise and right whales frequent this essential habitat and feed a vital Quoddy eco-economy based on tourism, fisheries, aquaculture,education,and research.

Art MacKay

Photo Credit: Danielle Dion, Quoddy Link Marine