Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bay of Fundy and the Economics of Fog

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 Barely visible through the fog, Head Harbour Lightstation stands guard at the entrance to Head Harbour Passage.

If three american LNG developers have their way, gigantic LNG tankers would have to reach Passamaquoddy Bay via Canada's Head Harbour Passage. To do this safely they will need to transit during "slack water" when the weather permits.

Many experienced locals have questioned how reality will impinge upon this need and speak about their experience with wind, waves, and fog. This summer is a prime example. It's been fog, fog, fog. What impact would this have on the passage of LNG tankers and the economics of LNG operations in Passamaquoddy Bay?  One must wonder.

More particularly, considering the exclusion zone around these vessels, what impact will tankers, forced to hold in Passamaquoddy Bay, Friar Roads or off Campobello, have on essential local fisheries, tourism, shipping, and aquaculture activities? And how will the proposed bow lookout see the whales they insist they can avoid?

Photo Credit: Joyce Morrell. Fog Journal on Flickr.

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