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A Lesson in Signage for the Province of New Brunswick ... "The Drive-through Province."

Posted: 25 Mar 2013 12:35 PM PDT
Original on Extraordinary Creative Billboard Ads
Billboard ads are very special type of advertisements because they are designed to target viewers who are driving or walking in the streets, heading to work, or school. The name ‘billboard’ refers to the large outdoor advertising board that you can find next to roads, sidewalks, and on the walls of buildings.
Billboard ads use different methods to visualize their ideas, such as a large poster, an animated digital signage, or a mixture of different objects and materials based on the creative concept of the given ad.
The main target audience for billboard ads is busy drivers and passers-by who rush to their jobs, schools, or homes. Most of them do not care much about the ordinary advertisements around them, which is why billboard advertising ideas are designed to have some special characteristics. Based on their target audience, a number of aspects need to be considered in order to create a successful billboard ad campaign.
Attract your audience. As I have mentioned earlier, the audiences of billboard ads are usually in a rush, either driving on the highway or walking in the street. Therefore, billboard advertising ideas should be very creative and attractive to direct the viewer’s attention to the message that the ad campaign wants to deliver.
The large and big rule.  Billboard ads are usually put on buildings or high stands to be viewable for drivers from a long distance. Thus, the ad’s design should be large and the elements should be big enough for everyone to see from afar.
Extraordinary Creative Billboard Ads

Simple and clear. Subsequent to the large and big rule of the preview, the design should be simple and reflective. Make sure that the design does not have crowded elements that may confuse the viewers. For example, the text should be limited to only a few words with a large font, as the viewer will not be able to read long paragraphs.
Keep it targeted and direct. The messages of billboard ads should be targeted, short and clear. Audiences will not have much time to think about the idea and the complex meaning behind it.
Let us apply these rules on the following examples of Extraordinary Creative Billboard Ads and share with us your comments about it and which one do you think ti follows the rules we discussed above? You can
click on the image to learn more about the advertising campaign and the creative agency behind it.

Sugar Free: Floating Billboard

This is one of the most creative billboard ads that visualizes sugar-free sweeteners.
Sugar Free: Floating Billboard ad

The Naval Museum of Alberta: Billboard

One of the creative billboard ad ideas for the naval museum in Alberta.
The Naval Museum of Alberta: Billboard

Penline Stationery: Strong tape

In this billboard ad, Euro RSCG wanted to visualize the idea of the strong tape by showing that the billboard itself is fixed with this tape.
Penline Stationery: Strong tape billboard

Edding permanent marker: Boards

This billboard ad advertises a marker pen by showing that the pen can be used to paint the whole billboard in black color.
Edding permanent marker: Boards

CNN: Stories with the full background

This billboard ad series advertises CNN coverage stories.
CNN: Stories with the full background

Ford Mustang: Fast

This billboard ad has been created with semi-transparent resin to display the blurry effect for the scene behind it.
Ford Mustang: Fast creative billboard ads

Asian Paints: Chocolate

An amazing representative billboard ad about colors and how each color reflects an idea to the viewer.
Asian Paints: Chocolate

Ariel with a touch of Downy

A very talented idea for a Downy advertisement. In this ad, the billboard itself becomes as soft as the clothes.
Super soft billboard

ClearWay Minnesota: We All Pay

This is a billboard ad created by Coverdale Fury as part of a media campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and tobacco.
ClearWay Minnesota: We All Pay

Verizon Wireless: Shoe

This is one from McCann’s billboard ad campaign of the fast Blackberry Pearl for Verizon Wireless.
billboard ads for Verizon Wireless: Shoe

Rowenta: Billboard

This is one of the billboard ads for Rowenta about their hairstyler that is used to create curly hair.
Rowenta: Billboard ads

Coca-Cola: Straw, Windows

A creative billboard ad for Coca-Cola placed on the side of a building. This ad has been created my MacLaren McCann in Canada.
Coca-Cola: Straw, Windows billboard ads

Pacific Airlines: Sale

One of the creative billboard ads for cheap flight tickets by Pacific Airlines.
Pacific Airlines: Sale billboard ads

Nationwide Insurance: Spilt Paint

In this billboard ad, TM advertising agency used the space around the ad to visualize its idea and why the audience needs the insurance company.
Nationwide Insurance: Spilt Paint creative billboard ads

Nike: Barge resistance

One of the amazing billboard ads for Nike campaigns.
Nike: Barge resistance creative ad

Mars Chilled: Tongue

Amazing connected billboard ads for the advertising campaign of Mars.
Mars Chilled: Tongue

Mammoth Mountain Resort: Play big

This billboard ad uses the space around the ad to show someone skiing on the white snow of Mammoth mountain.
Mammoth Mountain Resort: Play big

Interbest Outdoor: Nose

This is a billboard placeholder to attract companies to advertise in this area.
Interbest Outdoor: Nose

Hubba Bubba: The longest chewing gum ever

The colors and the idea behind this billboard ad help attracting the viewer to see it.
Hubba Bubba billboard

Fedex: Always first truck

A very eye-catching ad for a FedEx courier created by the Miami Ad School.
Fedex: Always first truck creative ad

Day After Tomorrow: Submerged Billboard

One of the most creative and attractive billboard ads that is placed in the sea water to advertise the movie Day After Tomorrow.
Day After Tomorrow: Submerged Billboard

Bic Razor: Billboard

A very creative billboard ad idea to visualize Bic’s razor campaign using the board and the space around it.
Bic Razor: creative billboard ads

Berger: Sky

This billboard ad uses a very unique idea for a paint company to show that its colors are so natural that you cannot distinguish them even from the color of the sky.
Berger: Sky

Avera Health: Smoking billboard

A very creative billboard ad idea that extends to the outer area of the ad’s frame.
smoking billboard ads
Finally, I hope you have found these creative billboard ads inspiring and helpful to learn more about the different uses of billboard spaces and the areas around them, and how they deliver the marketing message to the viewers and attract audiences to check them out.
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