Thursday, January 17, 2013

HISTORY: Learn more about the not so simple past at Grand Pre.

Battle of Grand-Pré
Nova Scotia Archaeology Society\
The Deportation cross in Hortonville, Grand-Pr...
The Deportation cross in Hortonville, Grand-Pré, Nova Scotia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Join the NSAS on January 22, 2012 at 7:30, Saint Mary's University,
Sobey Building, Rm 260 for lecturer, Dr. Jonathan Fowler, presenting:

'The Battle of Grand-Pré Reconsidered: Historiography, History, and
Archaeological Potential'

In February of 1747, a force of French and Amerindian fighters surprised
a New England expeditionary force billetted at Grand-Pré. Over 70 New
Englanders were killed in the engagement, including their commander,
Col. Arthur Noble. Since the event, people have struggled to understand
the battle and its consequences. Using new information gleaned from
archival research in the United States and Europe, combined with the
results of recent archaeological fieldwork, this talk will outline how
others have interpreted the engagement and will offer a new
interpretation of the Battle of Grand-Pré and its archaeological

Dr. Jonathan Fowler is an anthropology prof at Saint Mary's University,
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