Wednesday, October 10, 2012

EXPLORE: Fundy Highway Inukshuk, Rock Art and Grafetti

There’s something comforting about the inukshuk (or inuksuk if you prefer) that can be seen along all of our highways. These brand new little guys were overlooking the recently opened Trans-Canada Highway at St. David’s Ridge east of St. Stephen, N.B.

Have you got a favourite or some other story in stone like a carving on a mountain, names etched in rock, a strange geological formation, or striking graffiti even (our modern version of pictographs) or even wall art in your town? If so send a photo or two as attachments to an email addressed to fundytides at The subject is the title so be sure to capitalize it and the body is the text where you tell us all what it is, where it is, and when you saw it.

Who knows what spirits lurk here in Quoddy.


PS. Want to know more about rock art? Check this out at Wikipedia and my very, very favourite site Stone Pages.

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EXPLORE: Fundy Highway Inukshuk, Rock Art and Grafetti

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