Saturday, July 30, 2011


Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership is a "Virtual Institute" open to individuals and groups that seek the well-being of the Bay of Fundy by: 

Promoting the integrity, vitality, biodiversity and productivity of the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem, and the social well-being and economic sustainability of its coastal communities

Facilitating communication and co-operation among individuals and organizations interested in understanding, sustainably using and conserving the resources, habitats and ecological processes of the Bay of Fundy.


BoFEP ~ History , vision, organization,committees, agreements and forms
Join ~ Become a partner
Working Groups ~ Organization, objectives & activities
Resources ~ Publications, bibliographies, awards and more.
Workshops ~ Bay of Fundy Science Workshops
What's New? ~ News from Fundy & beyond - recent updates to this site
Calendars ~ Calendar & regional events
Links ~ Fundy information and regional organizations
Partners' Pages ~ Activities of partners in the Fundy Watershed

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