Friday, October 16, 2009

Upcoming conference on Maine Maritime Boundary Delimitation - Is anyone from Quoddy participating?

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The following is coming up November 13 - 14,  2009: "Conference on the Gulf of Maine Maritime Boundary. Delimitation: Law, Science and Policy of Marine Transboundary Management", Portland, Maine - for information, email

It's important that representatives from the Quoddy community consider direct involvement in issues that will affect them directly. Boundary law has enormous implications for Canadians as outlined in this article which defines other disputed areas as follows:

At least part of the Canadian economy is tied to the people who make a living from the resources of the sea, be they fishermen or oil drillers. These resources need protection from foreign exploiters; thus, the need for national jurisdictions. But with national jurisdictional claims, comes the overlap with claims of other nations. For Canada, these overlaps occur:

· off the mouth of Juan de Fuca Strait;
· in, and seaward of, Dixon Entrance on the Pacific Coast;
· near Machias Seal Island on the Atlantic coast;
· in the Beaufort and Lincoln Seas in the Arctic.

Special problems occur because of the already negotiated or arbitrated boundaries in Baffin Bay and Nares Strait and in the Gulf of Maine. The ownership of two islands, Machias Seal and Hans Island in Kennedy Channel is still disputed.