Friday, March 3, 2017

No Marine Protected Area for Quoddy-Cobscook Area. Why is that?

As shown in the attached slide show, the Quoddy - Cobscook Region of the Bay of Fundy is unique.

In fact researchers have identified the area as having the richest biodiversity on the northern coast of the Atlantic and an area that is vital to a large list of threatened and endangered species.

Numerous attempts have been made to industrialize the area stretching back to earliest settlers and developers.  In each and every case, local fishing, tourism and environmental interests have successfully fought to retain the area. Losses still occur through pollution and near-local activities and the future is far from secure.

A recent opportunity to design and create a Marine Protected Area was introduced by the new Federal Government. Meetings were held and pitches were made, but it was clear early on that this area was not up for consideration in spite of the fact that it was mentioned in early press releases.

Why is that? Who or what prevents the protection of this vital area shared by Canada and the United States?

What do you think?


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