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OPINION: The Telegraph Journal Editorial Board shamelessly expresses its high opinion of Nuclear Power

This just in from the NB Gristmill Newsletter:
Internationally recognized symbol.Image via WikipediaTHE TELEGRAPH JOURNAL HAS A STRONG OPINION ON NUCLEAR ENERGY

As the Japan Nuclear Catastrophe Continues What is the Alward Government’s Opinion?

Now that the NB people have the Telegraph Journal’s attention about Nuclear Energy in New Brunswick – let’s see how long the Irving-owned newspaper will last in an honest debate about public support for Nuclear Energy in New Brunswick? New Brunswickers should now ask that the Telegraph Journal do more than editorialize about nuclear energy – the public should now ask the Telegraph to delve deep into the past, present and future of nuclear power in New Brunswick.

If you had asked Japanese Nuclear supporters prior to their disaster if such a nuclear incident could happen there, we all know that the answer would have been: “Absolutely Not.” And they would have backed their statement up with all kinds of expert opinion and assurances that all precautions had been taken many times over and that they were prepared for any disastrous eventuality. There were many media and news paper accounts of the Japanese Government, politicians, and nuclear industry specialists all praising the Japan nuclear program and assuring the safety of the Japanese public far into the future.

But guess what happened? An accident happened! An accident that they were not prepared for.

What do New Brunswick nuclear specialists have to say about their nuclear accident preparations? What do New Brunswick politicians and Government officials have to say about Point Lepreau and the New Brunswick nuclear future now – from the stand-point of all the questions being asked about the Japan nuclear industry? Additionally, there are many public questions being posed about many nuclear programs around the world right now. Shouldn’t theNew Brunswick nuclear program be publicly scrutinized as well?

We think the NB public would like to know the answer to those questions from a New Brunswick nuclear perspective.

Today, April 5th, 2011, the Telegraph Journal published a letter written by
its own editorial department stating various laudatory comments about Point Lepreau. Some of those comments included – “Point Lepreau saved NB from investing in dirty coal plants. It supplied energy that was reliable, relatively inexpensive, and free of poisonous air pollution. Lepreau is still critically important today as Canada strives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Telegraph Journal Editorial Board goes on to shamelessly express its high opinion of Nuclear Power even further with this: “New Brunswick’s decision to build the reactor was good for AECL, as well. Through techniques and technologies pioneered in New Brunswick, the federal Crown Corporation has positioned itself as an international nuclear specialist. (See the full article below)

We’re sure there are some that would be very impressed with the Telegraph Journal publishing it’s opinion on Nuclear Energy. And no doubt most New Brunswickers would not be surprised at an Irving-owned newspaper promoting such a pro-nuclear energy opinion.

But surely with such enthusiastic support for Nuclear Energy must come some reservations? Particularly since global public opinion for nuclear energy is waning since the Japan nuclear catastrophe.

So, is the Telegraph Journal using its Editorial Pages to influence the public’s opinion of Nuclear Power in New Brunswick? On the face of things the editorial piece is blatantly urging provincial politicians to try to get the Federal Government to pay for the bungled refurbishment of Point Lepreau. So it’s obvious that money is on the minds of the Telegraph Editorial board.

But what about public safety? Why isn’t the Telegraph Journal digging into that side of the New Brunswick nuclear issue? We know why! The New Brunswick people know why too.

Perhaps there is an interesting story to be told about nuclear safety issues in New Brunswick?

So we would ask the Telegraph Journal – since your Editorial Board seems to be so confident about the Canadian Nuclear Energy industry – why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Why don’t you let the NB public read some solid journalism about the past, present, and future of nuclear energy in this province? Some balanced, honest journalism. You’ve stated your opinion, you’ve opened up the nuclear Pandora’s box – now let the public see some real journalism on the subject.

Our guess is that New Brunswick public opinion is a good deal like global public opinion – and recent polls in the U.S., Europe, South America and Asia show that public support for Nuclear energy is waning significantly world-wide.

Perhaps if New Brunswick’s public were to hear some stories about New Brunswick’s nuclear energy industry, their opinions may change as well?

Lekhaim from the Gristmill

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