Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ENVIRONMENT: Conservatives Flunk the Environmental Report Card

Just in from Sierra Club Canada:

Sierra Club Canada releases its 2011 Federal Election Environmental Report Card

OTTAWA - In response to an overwhelming demand from members and supporters, Sierra Club Canada is today releasing its 2011 Election Report Card.
The five major parties are awarded grades based on their platforms, statements and actions.

The final grades are as follows:
Green Party: A
Bloc: C
Liberals: C-
Conservatives: F
"Using and online survey tool, we asked our members what action we should take in the election," said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada. "Over 1000 people responded in less than 48 hours - a strong majority of them requesting we provide information based on fair and accurate comparisons of the environmental positions of the parties."
The first draft of the Report Card was emailed to 12,000 supporters on Sunday, April 17 for their review and input.
"The feedback we received helped make the report card a much stronger document," said Bennett. "We have never seen such interest from our supporters. They are clearly disappointed the environment is not being discussed in this election."
The Election report Card was produced by experts, volunteers and staff from across Canada. The information provided by the parties was fairly compiled, scrutinized and judged against what needs to be done to protect Canada's natural environment.
The report card was not intended to be a comprehensive review of all the environmental issues of concern to Sierra Club Canada, but based on environmental policies touched on by the parties in this election.
"The report card was truly a cooperative, participatory effort from beginning to end. I want to thank everyone involved," said Mr. Bennett. "We look forward to the next opportunity to engage our grassroots supporters. They are a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration to us."
John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada
(613) 291-6888

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