Friday, October 9, 2009

BDN Apologizes for "Screw Canada" Comment

Actually, perhaps you too are amazed by the ignorant comments made on other news sites including those of Canadian mainstream broadcasters and publishers. 

It boggles my mind that such ignorant individuals actually read the news!!!  But then Rush Limbaugh is literate in a perverse sort of way.

My opinion on this affair.  Art

Here's email re. the response from BDN to SPB - USA.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay update


On October 7, Bangor Daily News (BDN) Managing Editor Mike Dowd sent an email to the SPB webmaster apologizing for distress caused by the BDN's lack of treatment on complaints regarding the "Screw Canada" and other uncivil online comments.

As previously notified to you, the BDN has removed all comments and the comments feature from the last two LNG-related articles (see URLs, below), due to our complaints regarding violations of BDN's Terms of Service in online comments.

9/29/09 | 39 comments
Maine, Canada at odds over LNG

10/3/09 | 11 comments
LNG Long Haul

Thanks, once again, to all who participated in pressuring the BDN on this issue.

Together, we are making a difference!

Robert Godfrey
webmaster & researcher
Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance 

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