Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Opponent to LNG in Quoddy Refutes Irving Oil Involvement

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Well the Irving interests have finally spoken out about their position on LNG in Maine which is, by-the-by, basically LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay where LNG promoters have continually implied that those of us who oppose LNG development here are nothing but "shills" for the Irvings. In particular, Dean Girdis of Downeast LNG continually pushes forward with this theme in the press and other public venues.

It just ain't so Dean!

But, nothing we say seems to change Dean's continual harping on the subject. Well, the Irvings have finally made a public statement.

I have been intimately involved with the Quoddy LNG debacle since it began years ago and I am here to say that, to my knowledge, the Irvings never attempted to influence the position or work of Save Passamaquoddy Bay or individuals involved in this struggle. In fact, I did make one attempt to get their views at the beginning and the word came back that they would not take any position on the development of LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay. Clearly they did not want to be involved and they have maintained that stance until this week. It seems Dean has finally broken their silence with his constant yammering. I wonder how he will twist this to his needs?

That's my opinion tonight.

Art MacKay

Irving says it won't fight Maine LNG projects
But critics have doubts, and the Canadian company has reason to try to boost its image here.
By TUX TURKEL, Staff Writer September 2, 2009

The Canadian parent company of Irving Oil has written U.S. energy regulators to say it does not and will not oppose development of liquefied natural gas terminals in Maine.

The letter was sent Tuesday to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from Fort Reliance, which has substantial energy investments in eastern Canada and New England.

The timing aligns with a new and evolving campaign by Fort Reliance/Irving to clarify its public image in Maine. The company wants to change perceptions and blunt criticism that it has fought liquefied natural gas projects here while co-developing a terminal in Saint John, New Brunswick, that now pipes gas through Maine.

"We just want to set the record straight, both with FERC and the people of Maine," said Daniel Goodwin, a Fort Reliance spokesman.

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