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LNG's Dean Girdis calls New Brunswick Premier Graham "Hypocritical"

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In case you missed it, the following quote from Downeast LNG promotor Dean Girdis appeared in an article in The Working Waterfront recently.

In a related development, New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham also filed a statement with FERC on July 6. It stated, "This [FERC EIS] report indicates that our environment would be negatively affected, our tourism and environmental-based economy would suffer, and the safety and security of the region could be compromised by this proposal."

He added, "We've engaged all government departments for a comprehensive review of those concerns whether they be public safety, or if we have the resources in place if there is an accident on the Canadian side of the border."

Downeast President Dean Girdis called Graham's statement "purely political" and "hypocritical, with little factual evidence to back any of it up."

It seems Girdis can insult anyone he wishes since he draws on such a huge understanding about the Quoddy ecosystem and those of us and our relatives who have helped maintain and develop this place for centuries.The stance of local, provincial, and federal governments in Canada and our leaders, is exactly correct and reflects the longstanding position here in Quoddy that we do value our "backyard" and will protect the abundant natural assets that support our multimillion dollar sustainable economy and that, not incidentally, make this a special place on the globe. We do not and will not accept unsuitable development along our shores that endangers this special place. We will protect it to the full power of our little "NIMBY" hearts!

Dean Girdis, the pompous Yankee Carpetbagger from Downeast LNG, and his colleagues at Quoddy Bay LNG and Calais LNG are starting to wear thin over here in Canada. Everyone knows that we are a friendly peoples who are slow to anger. Well, "duh", we even loaned Calais some gun powder for their 4th of July celebrations during the War of 1812! 

But, let's face it, if you awakened one morning, as the residents of St. Stephen did, to see a crude "F___ St. Stephen" scrawled along a retaining wall on the Calais waterfront,  followed by a string of insulting and inflammatory remarks and acts from LNG supporters on the Maine side, you too might begin to get the message and wonder about your long-time friends and relatives in Washington County.

Wall to the left was used for the insulting graffiti.
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In fact it is now so bad that many of us no longer feel welcome in the "other half of our turf" and many, many folks are no longer shopping or vacationing in Maine. Certainly the line ups are virtually gone in St. Stephen. Why would we bother when we are treated like some alien threat by our paranoid neighbours who, with us, once made up a vibrant, unusual and successful community of Canadians and Americans? Now we hear a Maine senator advocating force to prop up LNG tanker passage through Head Harbour Passage!

There is nothing friendly about Maine anymore folks. Osama is winning the war and Girdis, Smith, Emery and the others are ramping up the tension within our international community.

I thought that Pittston was a sad battle. It was nothing compared to this LNG fiasco. It is time for everyone to remember that Canada is a sovereign country and that it has and will continue to protect the interests of its people at all levels of government. Politicians disregard the citizens at their own peril. We now expect them to move to the next level and protect the Quoddy Area under law!

Dean Girdis, I congratulate you. You have done the nearly impossible. You have really pissed off a large number of folks who are typically cooperative by nature. You have started a sad "war" that pits community against community, friends against friends, and family against family. You have forced us to the next level and we will be ramping up the battle.


When peace is possible seek it. When war is inevitable fight! (AM)

That's my opinion today. Art

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  1. As aggravating as it is, the situation isn't quite as dire as all that. In fact, the Maine Energy Infrastructure Commission indicated in an August 17 New Brunswick Business Journal article ...
    ...that it will ignore the futile quid pro quo demand by one Quoddy region state senator to allow LNG ship transits through Head Harbour Passage in exchange for the NB-ME Energy Corridor. The Maine Energy Infrastructure Commission isn't interested in engaging in international navigation treaty arguments.

    Incidentally, that same Maine politician previously lost his demand that FERC deny natural gas from New Brunswick entering into Maine via the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline if Canada would not allow LNG transits into Passamaquoddy Bay. The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) summarily denied that request.

    Two big strikes for these unnecessary and economy-damaging special interests.

    In addition, FERC Chairman Wellinghoff recently testified to the US Senate that it is reducing greenhouse gas emissions by supplanting natural gas-fired electricity generation with hydroelectric generation -- more bad news for the proposed Passamaquoddy Bay LNG projects.

    Sensibility and best interests for Maine, New Brunswick, the US, and Canada, are prevailing.