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Herring missing in Bay of Fundy - Down the Toilet?

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Comment: We guess at everything that influences the arrival of "our" fish, including the weather, overfishing, near-shore pollution,  aquaculture, plastic pollution, global warming, radioactivity, or the "whales/seals are eating them". Not many years ago, there used to be weirs from one end of the Bay to the other. Not today! The fact is that we have changed the Bay of Fundy measurably since 1964. We know about many of the things that influence negative changes in fish behaviour. But ... we never do anything about them as we continue to spew crap into our water by river and air and head "down the toilet" as it where.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009 | 2:28 PM AT
Fishermen are worried that herring weirs in the Bay of Fundy are empty this season. 

Fishermen are worried that herring weirs in the Bay of Fundy are empty this season.

(CBC)Fishermen in Charlotte County are wondering why the Bay of Fundy herring catch is significantly down this season and they're worried about the impact of the lack of fish on the local economy.

During August, the most important month of the year for the herring industry, weirs along the Fundy coast are catching fewer fish.

Tony Hooper, the vice-president of resourcing at the Connors Bros. Ltd., buys fish for the world's largest sardine factory, which is in Blacks Harbour. He said the company will get by this season but says this year's poor catch is worrying.

"I've been here for 33 years and this is only the second year we've had to struggle for fish in August," Hooper said.

"So I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't concerned. I'm very concerned and most of the people in the plant are concerned."

About 400 fishermen rely on the New Brunswick weirs.

No one knows exactly why the herring aren't swimming into nets, but most blame this summer's bleak weather.

Delma Doucette, a captain of the seiner Margaret Elizabeth, has fished herring in the region for decades. He said he thinks the fish are still in the area but they are just swimming too deep to be caught. "We've been at the scientists to find out why the fish are at the bottom nowadays instead of at the surface but nobody's come up with an answer yet," Doucette said.

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