Sunday, July 26, 2009

Passamaquoddy LNG Issue Continues to Split Friends, Family, and Communities

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The level of acrimony that LNG developers have spawned over the last few years has continued to rise. It began with Quoddy Bay LNG's move into Sipayik which split native American families and friends there, moved to the towns and villages where the other sites were proposed and created a huge international fuss that has now reached the point where many Canadians feel insecure and unwelcome in the American half of their natural and historic international community.

Now Eastport is being split again and the town fathers are seen to be bowing to the wishes of the small and vocal group of promoters that have a vested interest and who will, or believe they will, profit largely if any of these developments proceed. This is particularly true of some who are so pro-LNG in the face of their friends and neighbours concerns, that one must wonder why they would abuse their community members the way they do. In the absence of proof, one can only guess what motivates them.

In any event, the following links outline the conflicts in Eastport today:

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