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LNG in Passamaquoddy - 9 Filings to FERC Opposing Downeast LNG Proposal

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The Latest Update to the Save Passamaquoddy Bay website:

FERC > LNG Project Review Process > eLibrary Dockets > Formal Filing Docket Comment Submissions >Downeast LNG — CP07-52, CP07-53, CP07-54, CP07-55 > 2013 May

May 20
Save Passamaquoddy Bay [Sarah and Paul Strickland] — The Stricklands oppose Downeast LNG due to negative impacts it would have on health, safety, environmental, and lifestyle.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay — Dr. James Venart's report on thermal radiation demonstrating DeLNG would violate the thermal radiation Exclusion Zone regulation may be delayed until after May 20, due to health and scheduling problems. Since FERC "deadlines" have been flexible throughout this permitting process, FERC should accept and fully consider the report filing.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay — Save Passamaquoddy Bay enumerates a long list of Downeast LNG regulation-compliance failings. Downeast LNG cannot meet those requirements. FERC must deny permits.

Susan Lambert — Passamaquoddy Bay is a nutrient pump that supports biodiversity in the Bay of Fundy, making the Downeast LNG development inappropriate.

Vaughn McIntyre Consulting — Vaughn McIntyre opposes Downeast LNG due to negative impacts it would have on tourism, especially cruise ships. The waterway's existing uses precludes LNG terminal siting here.

Huntsman Marine Science Centre — Huntsman relies on seawater from the Saint Croix River estuary. LNG terminal construction and operation would negatively impact the water's integrity, the local environment, and Huntsman Marine Science Centre's sustainability.

Nature Trust of New Brunswick — DeLNG is unnecessary and a threat to the area's natural beauty, and natural heritage.

Friends of Head Harbour Lightstation — LNG tankers would present a security risk to Campobello Island, visitors to the lightstation, and Head Harbour Lightstation itslef; and, Campobello Island would present a security risk to LNG tankers.

Town of St. Andrews, New Brunswick — Downeast LNG would have a detremental impact on St. Andrews economy. Existing uses of the bay preclude an LNG terminal, and St. Andrews is unprepared to deal with an emergency resulting from an LNG incident.

Robert Godfrey

Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance

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