Friday, December 13, 2013


This photo showed up on Facebook today. Reportedly taken in Miramichi, the sighting has not been validated at yet. Indeed some folks have suggested that it is a stuffed cougar. What do you think?

Friday, July 12, 2013

POSTER: Drawings of Campobello Island – Harper’s Weekly late 1800s

Full-sized poster of fascinating drawings of Campobello Island showing Head Harbour, the huge fishing fleet, The Friar, A General view from Lubec and the fabulous East Quoddy Lighthouse. Artist Harry Fenn. Perfect for your den, office or cottage. Late 1800s

For pickup or shipping, packaging tube and handling extra @ $10.00.


LNG tanks and dock from Mispec Beach, Saint John, NB

LNG tanks and dock from Mispec Beach, Saint John, NB

Some concerns have been expressed online about rail transport of LNG. The safety ramifications go well beyond oil transport. If you are interested, you can find useful info on LNG here:


WHALE WATCHING: Lunge feeding whale at Quoddy

Lunge feeding,Dave Taylor,Sm

This great shot was sent in by Dave Taylor, Taylor Brand Group, Lancaster, Pa.

WHALE WATCHING: Lunge feeding whale at Quoddy

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aboriginal Peopling of the Americas

Basket Weaver Unfinished
From NS Explore Fri Jul 5, 2013 9:35 pm (PDT) . Posted by:“land_lubber” tjdeveau

Here is an amazing and excellent presentation that offers superb insights into the Aboriginal peopling of the Americas. It is well worth listening carefully to the full 100 minutes. A lot of ground is covered and a set of ideas are explained that I think answer a lot of questions.


Here is a six minute video that is sort-of an introduction to the longer video, it also includes some Aboriginal language story-telling at the end:



 Wabanaki Basket Maker – Copyright Art MacKay

Monday, July 8, 2013

Consider This! Business and Nature can work together to "profit" each partner!

This fish farm gives a portion of its product to predators

By Daniel Klein

Veta La Palma takes sustainable fish farming to a whole new level. In 1982, the company bought up marshlands adjacent to the Guadalquivir River in Southern Spain. The land had been drained to raise cattle, which destroyed the natural habitat and decimated the local bird population. Veta La Palma re-flooded the area and went to work restoring the wetlands.

Now, the company’s aquaculture farm uses natural filtration to clean the water, and encourages biodiversity — even that of predators. “They take about 20 percent of our annual yield,” farmer and biologist Miguel Medialdea told TIME Magazine as a bird scooped up a sea bass. “But that just shows the whole system is working.”

Inspired by chef Dan Barber’s TED talk on the subject, we made the trek out one windy afternoon to learn about this holistic approach to growing fish.

Daniel Klein is a chef, activist, and the filmmaker behind Perennial Plate. Follow him on Twitter at @perennialplate.

Consider This! Business and Nature can work together to "profit" each partner!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NUCLEAR: Vermont Yankee – Another Day Another Court Hearing

English: The Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant.
English: The Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Conservation Law Foundation - Posted: 03 Jun 2013 08:43 AM PDT

On June 4, Judge Reiss of the Federal District Court in Burlington, Vermont will take up the latest lawsuit from Vermont Yankee's owners. Once again, Entergy, the owner and operator of Vermont's tired old nuclear plant, is asking a federal court to give it a free pass.
Entergy wants to stop Vermont regulators from having any say over its operations.
This latest skirmish involves the building of a back-up diesel generator. Entergy claims the Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires the generator and that Vermont is getting in its way. It needs the Federal Court to stop any Vermont review of the proposal.
Hold on. Vermont's regulators already issued a proposal that would approve the generator. The only deadline is one that is self-imposed by Entergy. The current schedule allows a final decision even before Entergy's self-proclaimed "deadline."
So what's this really about? Entergy's world view seems to suggest that the less oversight it has the better. But that's not good for Vermont. The federal court should see through Entergy's antics and allow the Vermont proceedings to continue.

You can read Entergy's Complaint here and the State's reply here.

LNG - NS Wants US Gas for LNG Export, Reversing M&NE Pipeline

English: Boston, Mass. (Sept. 8, 2006) - A Coa...
Boston, Mass. (Sept. 8, 2006) - A Coast Guard 25-foot response boat is flanked by two tugs as the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) tanker Berge Boston is moored to the pier at an LNG facility in Boston. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Luke Pinneo (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)