Thursday, April 21, 2011

NUCLEAR: NB: Liberals support nuclear power: Ignatieff

Michael IgnatieffImage via WikipediaNB: Nuclear power will provide energy baseload, but more renewable needed: IgnatieffPublished on April 21, 2011Staff ~ The Canadian Press

[SAINT JOHN, NB] - Michael Ignatieff says he supports nuclear power, but a Liberal government would do more to harness renewable energy, including New Brunswick tides.

Speaking in Saint John, N.B., Ignatieff was asked about nuclear power as a protester wearing a white, papier-mache elephant head stood behind him.

The protester wore a sign reading, “Pointless Lepreau,” referring to Point Lepreau, Atlantic Canada's only nuclear power plant, where a refurbishment project is three years behind schedule and $1 billion over budget.

Ignatieff says the crisis in Japan has people waking up to the risks of nuclear power, but he adds that it has helped keep the lights on safely in Canada for 50 years.

He says he would like to see it continue to provide some of the baseload of energy generation, but with a greater focus on renewables such as solar, wind and tidal power.

Ignatieff says he would also talk with premiers about improved interprovincial energy-sharing.

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