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NUCLEAR: Harper makes no mention of Lepreau on N.B. visit

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N.B. Premier David Alward said Stephen Harper privately promised him that if re-elected, he would talk about compensating the province for delays at Point Lepreau. (CBC)

Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff both campaigned in New Brunswick on Wednesday, but only Ignatieff was talking about compensation for refurbishment delays at the Point Lepreau generating station.

Atlantic Canada's only nuclear reactor was supposed to be back generating power by September 2009 after the $1.4-billion refurbishment project was completed. The project is now $1 billion over budget according to N.B. Power officials, who hope the plant will be generating power by the fall of 2012.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff said he supports nuclear power and on Wednesday he repeated his promise that if he wins the election, he will negotiate some kind of settlement for the Lepreau delays by Atomic Energy of Canada.

"The government of Canada has responsibilities in respect of AECL and we have to shoulder our responsibilities," said Ignatieff.
Harper quiet on Lepreau

During his visits to Fredericton and Edmundston, Conservative leader Stephen Harper talked about government funding for a new Fredericton YMCA and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, but made no public mention of Point Lepreau.
'You know you just can't, carte blanche, snap your fingers and say 'we're going to do this' before you know what the hell you're doing.'—Keith Ashfield, Conservative candidate

However Premier David Alward said Harper told him in a private conversation on his campaign bus that he is prepared to look at a full costing of the delays and talk about the issue.

"We are looking to be able to provide him with that information," said Alward. "He realizes that and he is open to discussing, and we will be getting that information to him."

Conservative candidate Keith Ashfield said voters shouldn't expect his leader to make any promises about Point Lepreau during the election campaign.

"You know you just can't, carte blanche, snap your fingers and say `wer'e going to do this' before you know what the hell you're doing," said Ashfield. "So we have to have all the information, and we'll see what happens after the process has taken place."

Alward said in his view, Harper's private promise matches Ignatieff's public commitment to do the same.

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