Friday, January 27, 2012

OPINION: Conoco-Philips at Searsport signals more northward movement along our coast?


Conoco Philips' plan for the development at Searsport, Calais LNG, Downeast LNG, Saint John Port development, Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station refurbishment, Halifax Port development, Portland Port development, reestablishing rail lines, expansion of the highway system connecting these centers ... these are all part of the Atlantica development which will see the integration of Canada's eastcoast with the Maine-New England coast for the specific purposed of moving Canadian and foreign resources to the huge market along the eastcoast and continental United States. Some worry about the impact on Canadian sovereignty. Others already feel the pressure of development in their home regions. What's your position on all of this?

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Opposed to the proposed ConocoPhillips LPG tower in Searsport?
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