Sunday, August 14, 2011

MYSTERIES: Is the Eastern Cougar like the Sasquatch?

The mystery has always been why, in the face of incontrovertible evidence, do the smirking "official" biologists claim the Eastern Cougar to be extinct, non-existent, gone? Well it seems that the infamous sasquatch suffers from the same fate.

I just ran across this interesting article about Jason Erickson and his Dad Adrian. Adrian has seen sasquatch and his life experience in that regard seems to vastly outweigh the knowledge and experience of any biologist I have met ... keeping in mind that I "are one" and have met a bunch.

Well read the following. It will sound mighty familiar to anyone who has reported seeing the Eastern Cougar.

People ..."were dismissed as kooks, ridiculed, folks ... lost their jobs after revealing they believed in a beast that shared the same plane as fairies and the Loch Ness monster.

"It made Erickson wonder: why is the sasquatch shunned by science? 'If scientists put 10 per cent of the effort into proving this exists, rather than trying to prove it didn’t exist, this would have been recognized decades ago as a species,' says Erickson.

"By 2005, Erickson had talked to hundreds of witnesses who were relieved to speak about sasquatches to someone who took them seriously – who had seen them himself.
"Tired of the wayward stares and sneers, he started the Erickson Project that year, the first multi-site field study of the sasquatch in Canada and the U.S. with the goal to have it recognized as a species." Get the whole story here.

Hmm. Perhaps our scientists need to examine their motivations too? Unfortunately some think their motives may be more sinister than we think.

You be the judge.

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