Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Brief History of LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay

From Save Passamaquoddy Bay USA

Maine LNG Terminal Development Failure History > 2005–2010

> City of Calais
2008 Sep 11 — Calais LNG partner Goldman Sachs reported importing LNG into US no longer required.
2008 Oct 21 — Calais LNG corrects false claim in Status Report to FERC that they had met with Save Passamaquoddy Bay.
2009 Dec 18 — Calais LNG filed formal FERC application.

> Town of Robbinston
2009 Jan 9 — US Coast Guard Waterway Suitability Report requires Downeast LNG to obtain Canada's cooperation for secure LNG ship transits; otherwise, Coast Guard will refuse entry into US.
2009 May 15 — FERC Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) released.
2009 Jul 6 — Downeast LNG failed to meet technical question deadline for FERC's DEIS questions.
2010 Apr 5 (or earlier) — Downeast LNG office listed for sale.

> Sipayik/Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Reservation
2008 Apr 25 — FERC suspended review of Quoddy Bay LNG applications.
2010 Jan — Quoddy Bay LNG sued by TRC for nonpayment & fraud.
2010 Apr 3 — Quoddy Bay LNG signs removed from building and along Maine Route-190.
2010 Apr 23 —Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) canceled Quoddy Bay LNG lease with Pleasant Point Tribal Government.

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