Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Would Dean Giridis of Downeast LNG try to get this ship through Head Harbour Passage?

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Peter Walsh/Telegraph-Journal
The Q-Flex MV Mesaimeer in the Bay of Fundy, with Mahogany Island in the foreground, 
waits to dock at the LNG plant Tuesday.

Interesting questions raised. How much does it cost for every day that it stands off out there I wonder? What is the exclusion zone that is in force?  Would this ship try Head Harbour Passage? 
Gas: The Q-Flex is the second-biggest ship of its kind in the world


SAINT JOHN - The first LNG super tanker to arrive on North America's east coast is anchored in the Bay of Fundy waiting to be berthed at Canaport LNG, where it will discharge enough liquid natural gas to half-fill the facility.

The Q-Flex MV Mesaimeer, one of the largest and most advanced vessels of its kind, was scheduled to berth at the Canaport LNG jetty on Tuesday morning but, when the winds changed, so did the plan, said Canaport LNG spokesman Kate Shannon.

Because berthing the huge vessel is dependent on weather and tides, Shannon is unable to say when it will approach the jetty, but is confident it will be in place by the end of the week.

At 315 metres long, the Q-Flex is the world's second largest LNG tanker with a capacity that is roughly 55 per cent more than its predecessors.

It is 78 metres longer than ships received at Canaport LNG to date and is carrying 216,000 cubic metres of liquid natural gas; ships received to date at Canaport LNG have delivered 138,500 cubic metres.

The largest in the world - the Q-Max - can carry 266,000 cubic metres of LNG.

"This is the biggest one we've had here," Shannon said of the Q-Flex. "Our facility has the capability to take a ship that large."

The Q-Flex has travelled 22 days and 15,000 kilometres from Ras Laffan Industrial City in Qatar and is described as "one of the largest and most advanced vessels of its kind."

Canaport LNG general manager Jorge Ciacciarelli said the arrival of the first Q-Flex is a "significant step" for the state-of-the-art facility.

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