Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello? "Screw Canada" comment is protected under the First Amendment?

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A tempest is brewing about a comment by "Stewie" in response to an article and other comments on the Bangor Daily News Website. It simply said, "Screw Canada" reminiscent of the huge "f--k St. Stephen" that was painted on a retaining wall in Calais, ME and greeted the citizens of this fair Canadian town the following morning. It's all about LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay, of course and it seems some of our American neighbours (sorry, neighbors) think we're wimps but when we stand up for our rights, the response seems to range from these simple insults generated by folks with a vast and spectacular grasp of the English language to threats and suggestions of military action in Head Harbour Passage! (that from Maine Senator Raye whose family was originally from Bocabec NB they say!!. "Woe unto ye, ye Bocabecers.")

Ahh,  what wonders these LNG promoters have wrought. Along with our coastal quarry folks, they have certainly added something corrupting on both sides of the border. They have made enemies of family, friends, communities, and now it's New Brunswick and Maine located beside each other in two countries that have gotten on famously ... in recent years anyway. Seems those days are now gone. While the "screw Canada" comment is offensive, other comments in the BDN article are downright frightening!

Anyway here's a release that went out from Bob Godfrey to supporters of Save Passamaquoddy Bay USA and Canada, that explains what has happened. Read it and weep!

My opinion tonight. Art 

PS. Just for fun, I've added a poll to this blog seeking your opinion. Let us know what YOU think! 

Also, so you can assess this fairly, here's a definition of the phrase "screw you":

Idioms & Phrases
*screw you*
Go to hell, as in /You won't help after all? Well, screw you!/ A euphemism for the still ruder fuck you , this slangy term dates from the mid-1900s.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer.
Copyright © 1997. Published by Houghton Mifflin.
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The Bangor Daily News continues to display the "Screw Canada" online comment (as of 6 pm Oct 6). No one other than the SPB webmaster has submitted an online complaint. One person has sent an email complaint to the newspaper.

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The Bangor Daily News is exhibiting selective enforcement of its rules, bias, a lack of respect, a lack of media appropriateness, and is feeding the pro-LNG side.

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Maine, Canada at odds over LNG

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On 9/29/09 at 6:58 PM, stewie wrote:
screw canada
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