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LNG - Approaches to Canaport LNG compared to approaches to proposed Passamaquoddy LNG terminals

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Proponents of LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay continue to compare these developments with Canaport LNG in Saint John. Hopefully, the following will demonstrate the difference.


LNG at Saint John vs LNG at Passamaquoddy Bay

We believe that Passamaquoddy Bay is the wrong place for LNG facilities. We have taken no position on LNG at other locations. However, we keep hearing criticism from folks who can't see any difference between LNG at Saint John Harbour and LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay. Apart from the richness of the Quoddy Region and the financial losses that will occur, the approaches are so different that it is clear that these critics have not bothered to do a little reseach.

Access to Saint John Harbour is characterized by a direct, safe, unobstructed route from the Outer Bay of Fundy to the Harbour. Traffic lanes have been moved to avoid principal Right Whale areas. The Harbour has been active since the City was founded and has modern navigation, security, and safety systems in place.

Approaches to Saint John Harbour
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In contrast, the route to Passamaquoddy Bay passes through a Right Whale Sanctuary, vital fishing and aquaculture grounds, and the primary tourist area for the Bay of Fundy (see the slide show at It follows a difficult, narrow, and dangerous passage through upwellings, extreme currents, the Old Sow Whirlpool, and into Passamaquoddy Bay, a vital area for tourism, endangered species, research, education and the home of numerous historic and protected sites including St. Croix island an international historic site and F.D. Roosevelt's summer home and the park at Campobello. There are very limited navigation, security, and safety systems in place.

Additionally, the proposed terminals are all sited along the Canada and US Border, increasing security risks in an area which should act as a buffer zone. This is not an area where foreign ships and crews should be passing between our two countries under current circumstances.

A quick look at the Google aerials should be adequate to satisfy the most difficult critic.

Approaches to Passamaquoddy Bay
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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write this. Everyone can do with more education about the situation, especially those from away whose actions could unknowingly affect the outcomes.