Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Room at the Inn - Ignoring Bay of Fundy Essential Elements

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While we push forward with tons of funding for bailouts, huge nuclear developments,  massive tidal projects, oil, LNG, and new heavy industry in the Fundy Region, our governments have begun the process of destroying well-established and essential elements that help in the management and protection of an environment that is the very foundation of our eco-economy here and, ultimately, our existence on this planet.

After 16 years of exemplary contribution to their communities, funding for 16 community ACAP organizations (Atlantic Coastal Action Program) from New Brunswick to Labrador will no longer be supported by Department of Environment funding in spite of a return of $12 for each dollar spent by the government. And other essential NGOs are similarly affected.

The lack of funding for the Atlantic Wildlife Institute is the most ridiculous yet. The following was posted on NatureNB:

Date:    Fri, 25 Sep 2009 14:17:20 -0300
From:    CC NatureNB
Subject: Concern for the Atlantic Wildlife Institute


As reported on CBC radio in Moncton this morning, the Atlantic Wildlife Institute ( is in a financial crunch.

The institute, located near Sackville, is well known for its care ofinjured or orphaned wild animals, but can no longer accept new animals because its funding has dried up.

According to the report, several government agencies routinely refer people to the AWI to care for and rehabilitate animals, but no government money is being directed to the institute.

If you think there's something wrong with this picture, you might want to contact your elected representatives and let them know your concerns.