Wednesday, March 25, 2009

$450K redesign of scenic drive markers hailed as improvement, criticized as confusing

Item: FREDERICTON - Fear not, New Brunswick drivers: new provincial highway signs with starfishes set against a red background are not a warning of sea creatures strewn across the road ahead.

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The new signs, top row, replace the old ones, bottom row. From left: Acadian Coastal Drive, Appalachian Range Route, Fundy Coastal Drive, Miramichi River Route and River Valley Scenic Drive.

The sign -- which symbolizes the province's Acadian Coastal Scenic Drive -- is one of five new designs that were unveiled last October.

They're supposed to give direction to travellers, but they're also piquing curiosity and, in some cases, raising concerns from both residents and tourism operators.

"People don't like it at all," said Antoine Landry, mayor of Caraquet. He said the starfish symbol that marks the scenic drive that runs by his northern shore town lacks connection to the area.

"It doesn't really reflect the reality of the Acadian Coastal Area," he said.

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