Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LNG - Passamaquoddy LNG Proposals Test Canadian Sovereignty

Well it appears that the carpetbaggers are having one last assault on Canadian Sovereignty by pushing the insane development of LNG terminals in Passamaquoddy Bay in direct conflict with the clear message that Canada will NOT approve passage of tankers through Canadian internal waters at Head Harbour Passage. But "the beat goes on" and intensifies as the US Coast Guard approves passage through the US portion of Passamaquoddy Bay; a useless approval in the absence of access to Canadian waters on this border.

Well the battle will get hotter now as we again reiterate the ecological, financial, and social importance of the Quoddy region and gird our loins for more legal contests from a Canadian perspective. Unfortunately the battle front broadens as the Bayside Quarry (controlled by another American company!) announces its expansion into the municipal water supply of Chamcook Lake watershed and the Aquaculture industry designates service beaches throughout the area; some of which have important marine habitat. If you are joining this battle, you can inform yourself by reviewing the various submissions to FERC as linked below courtesy of the Save Passamaquoddy Bay USA's webmaster Bob Godfrey.

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Complete FERC filings for Tidewalker Associates

An LNG project (not yet in prefiling) that may impact those in Passamaquoddy Bay, and that is also proposing tidal dam projects in Cutler and Eastport/Pleasant Point/Perry that are already in the FERC process: Complete FERC filings for Tidewalker Associates are located at:[link]... more »
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Complete FERC filings for Quoddy Bay LLC

Complete FERC filings for Quoddy Bay LLC are located at: [link]
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Complete FERC filings for Downeast LNG

Complete filings for Downeast LNG are located at: [link]
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Complete FERC filings for Calais LNG

The complete filings for Calais LNG can be accessed at: [link]
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Original US Coast Guard Press Release Link

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Save Passamaquoddy Bay Responds to USCG Report

Study of the entire 100 page USCG's Waterway Suitability Assessment is necessary to fully comprehend the long list of conditions and requirements that have been set for possible LNG transit of Passamaquoddy Bay. The devil is in the details of this Washington created document with huge hurdles for the proposed developer. This is... more »
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Downeast LNG Responds to Coast Guard Determination

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 7, 2009 U.S. COAST GUARD ISSUES “SUITABLE” WATERWAY DETERMINATION FOR DOWNEAST LNG The decision represents a major step forward in the federal approval process. ROBBINSTON, Maine – Dean Girdis, president and founder of Downeast LNG, said today that he was very pleased that the U.S. Coast Guard has... more »
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Coast Guard issues letter of recommendation, waterway suitability report to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

DATE: January 07, 2009 15:47:02 EST Document Number: 414 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Office of Public Affairs U.S. Coast Guard DHS USCG Banner News Release ... Contact: Lt. Cmdr. Chris O'Neil 202-372-4635 Coast Guard issues letter of recommendation, waterway suitability report to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission... more »
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US Coast Guard Report Affirms Suitability of US portion of LNG Waterway?

Word on the street is that USCG has released their 100-page Waterway Suitability Report required for the Downeast LNG application to FERC and that they have approved the US portion of the waterway for LNG transits. However, apparently there are many conditions that must be met, including cooperation from the Canadian Government and the USCG... more »
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Bay of Fundy Needs EIA's Before Aquaculture Beaches are Designated

I've had several calls and emails about the announcement that the NB Department of Natural Resources will be creating "aquaculture beach sites" where the industry can haul their cages, boats, barges, and other infrastructure ashore to repair and maintain them. Having started the very first commercial aquaculture sites at Deer Island and Eastport... more »
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  1. Anyone who doesn't believe this is one more parting shot of the Bush administration just isn't paying attention. This is only one more assault to the environment as part of his legacy. There is still no demand, still no investment capital, still no need.

    Jeanne Guisinger