Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Calais LNG Submission Insults Canadian and American Hearing Contributors Alike

I just received the "Calais LNG Project Company LLC Submits Supplemental Responses to Comments Filed During The Pre-filing Scoping Period under Docket No. PF08-24-000". In it they give their responses to all of us who submitted concerns to FERC during the "pre-filing Scoping Period". I, for one, am insulted.

Frankly, I am not sure what disturbs me more, their use of their own words and those of their paid consultants repeated over and over as proof of their position; a transparent ploy used effectively by charlatans to refute the legitimate and knowledgeable concerns and objections of dozens of opponents who have, quite frankly, more expertise and professional experience in the Quoddy Region then any of their so-called paid-for professionals.

Calais LNG's answers are, quite frankly. simplistic, often uninformed, and generally inadequate; showing a lack of understanding about the international Quoddy community, the ecosystem here and our centuries old "eco-economy". The continual quoting of a "scientific study" that purports to allay concerns about aesthetic impacts is totally unbelievable and insulting to those folks who truly understand the value of “beautiful Quoddy”. Since thousands spent real cash to come here and bask in this beauty, you can easily put a value to this beauty, but you cannot scientifically assess it, because science does not “sink” to such base levels.

If the amateurish and insulting Calais LNG proposal is accepted by FERC, then we are diminished as individuals, a society, and as citizens of our respective countries. But, make no mistake, like you, we Canadian have our limits and we will protect OUR culture and OUR homeland. We have had decades of air and water pollution issued from American soil that has, in the past, ruined our health, our river and our fisheries. We continually fight against inappropriate American developments that have threatened our existence and way of life for decade now and, today, we battle three LNG proposals and the selfish development of American-controlled Jamer Materials, a company that wishes to mine aggregate in this vital watershed that provides for all of us who live and work in the St. Andrews Peninsula.

Enough! It's time for this to all come to a halt. I pray that your new President has the vision to work with your friends and neighbours in a professional and co-operative manner and that conscience reasserts itself throughout America. If that happens you may live down the reputation that your heavy-handed approaches have created at home and around the world. I pray for you.

If you made a submission to FERC relative to the Calais LNG proposal you really owe it to yourself to see how they treated your concerns.

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