Friday, October 17, 2008

Good News at Quoddy. Quoddy Bay LNG Application Dismissed

Superport Fundy lost one industrial development in Passamaquoddy Bay today when FERC dismissed the application of Quoddy Bay LNG. Two applications remain in the pipe so to speak; Downeast LNG with a proposed terminal at Robbinston, Maine directly across the St. Croix from the resort town of St. Andrews-by-the-sea and Calais LNG even further up the river at Devil's Head near the International Historic Site at St. Croix Island and across from the Ganong Nature and Marine Park at Todd's Point.

While Quoddy Bay LNG at Sipayak/Pleasant Point made little sense, the two remaining proposals make even less sense. The most frequent question around the Bay is "Why would they continue to waste money on a dead issue?"  If anyone has an answer to this, we would appreciate your opinion right here.

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