Friday, April 1, 2011

NUCLEAR: More things you didn't want to know about nuclear.

I received a response to my post about I-131. It was about a thyroid related death. This led me to wonder about fallout from other sources ... nuclear tests, nuclear accidents and so on. So I checked around and found this interesting site. Remember the fifties? I do. Post WWII and lots of nuclear tests going on around the world. I and my family were in the direct line of the radioactive cloud I discovered. Were you? Find out at:

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  1. Sure. Thunder Bay seems to have been along the drift path of ALL of the 1953 tests. My mother had thyroid cancer in 1968 or so, fifteen years after the tests. My brother died in 1993, so forty years after... Can't correlate the cancers to the bomb tests, but certainly enhances any probabilities.

    PS: both my mother and my brother were sick after his birth in 1950, so physically compromised during the test period...