Thursday, April 14, 2011

NUCLEAR LOBBIES: Getting NB provincial politicians onside for decommissioning of Point Lepreau NGS will be a tough sell.

In spite of the rocky history of the Point Lepreau NGS which has included labour conflicts, questionable construction practices, reported sabotage, leaks, planned releases of radionuclides, questionable geological issues, inadequate monitoring, recent delays in refurbishment and a cost overrun of a billion plus dollars, it is unlikely that provincial politicians will lobby for decommissioning without a huge push from the concerned and knowledgeable citizens that will be affected by this untried and untested refurbished Candu reactor. And, as the Japanese and Russian and other nuclear disasters have shown, the affected citizens are not just those that live in the immediate vicinity of this reactor ... they include the citizens of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine and New England ... everyone who lives and draws their livelihood from the waters of the Bay of Fundy, Gulf of Maine and Scotian Shelf and the world ...  should a major event occur resulting from unforeseen or unpredicted events, including terrorism.

As is happening around the world, it is only by the actions of citizens that any change will be affected. Over 30,000 concerned citizens rallied to prevent the sale of NB Power to Hydro Quebec. The passion that was shown was truly amazing. Yet, when all is said and done, the ownership of NB Power will have little or no impact on our planet. However, nuclear events are already having serious global impacts. Yet people are hesitant to show as much passion for the destruction of their planet as they were over who owns a small public utility. It is, most say, all about jobs. OMG, we would destroy our planet for jobs that can be replaced by sustainable, environmentally friendly alternate energy sources.

The answer is for us to educate ourselves about the true dangers of radionuclide releases into our environment and to ban together by the thousands to get the attention of our politicians and force them to rethink their nuclear position at Point Lepreau NGS, as well as other Canadian and global nuclear sites.

Please join "No Candu" and add your voice to the plea to roll back our dependence on nuclear power generation while keeping in mind the value of nuclear techniques in medicine and science. We will continue to offer the information that people need to make informed judgements.

Join the "No Candu Group" at:

For a recent view of the position of NB politicians, review this article just out:
N.B. politicians united in call for Ottawa to pay extra costs of reactor refit
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