Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it ever too early to worry about nuclear wastes?

I worked at Chalk River for a while for the Environmental Services Branch of AECL. I was monitoring the 1952 reactor accident and, trust me, it is never too soon to worry about nuclear wastes. New Brunswickers have been been patient with many developments in this small little province, but that patience is starting to wearing thin I think as developers try to impose unsuitable developments on us.

Now the minister who did not even bother to check when he was supportive of Maine LNG terminal proposals in Passamaquoddy Bay, is buying into the NIMBY spoof. If Jack wants to defecate in his living room, that is one thing, but the rest of us have something to say about our communal living space. Well Jack, we need to do what is best for the PEOPLE of Canada, not an industry! In case you didn't check lately, you work for us, not NB Power or AECL!

As for the nuclear waste, if we must store it, then it was long ago decided the best place was the vast and empty Canadian shield. Remember that we are still dealing with one stupid mistake ... dumping at sea and I continue to wonder about the Bay of Fundy. Let's not make another blunder ... remember Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and the others - radioactive is forever!.


Too soon to worry about nuclear waste stored in N.B.: energy minister

Friday, May 15, 2009 | 3:20 PM AT

New Brunswick's energy minister says it's too soon to worry about a long-term nuclear storage site being located in the province.

Energy Minister Jack Keir said New Brunswick has an obligation to be involved in the process of finding a long-term home for the radioactive material in Canada because it is one of three provinces with a nuclear reactor.

"I don't think this is a matter of you're not going to do this in my backyard," Keir said. "I think we have to be above that. I think we have to look at what's best for our nuclear industry in New Brunswick.

"We have to look at what's best for the nuclear industry in Canada. But we are so far ahead of ourselves."

Keir said the site for the nuclear waste will have to meet certain geological criteria, and so far, it's not clear whether New Brunswick meets the requirements.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is starting information sessions in the hopes of eventually finding a community willing to host a storage site.

New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec are the only provinces in Canada with nuclear reactors.

There are concerns about where the waste from those reactors will eventually end up.

The nuclear waste generated at the Point Lepreau nuclear reactor is currently stored on site ... more at:

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