Monday, February 16, 2009

A beautiful and healthy environment is our common interest

An open letter from Judy Gibson. You can add your voice by emailing Minister Hache at:

Dear M. Hache, Mr. Byre, Mr. Thompson, M. Doucet, Mr. Jochelman, Mr. Huntjens, Ms. Brayne, Ms. Walker, and editors of the Telegraph Journal, The Daily Gleaner, and the St. Croix Courier:

It is in our common interest that I write although I am not, these days, a resident of my home province of New Brunswick. I have relatives and friends there, and I consider Charlotte County to be a small paradise on earth, along with Passamaquoddy Bay and the islands.

Why has the New Brunswick government caused such pain to residents of St. Andrews and the Bayside area, and indeed to residents of Maine across the St. Croix River, by permitting such a polluting industry as Jamer Industries Ltd. to develop its operations on the banks of a historic and beautiful river, the border between Maine and New Brunswick?

Despite hundreds of solicitations from concerned residents of the area, and from people like myself who know its economic value lies in sustainable industries like fishing and tourism, Jamer Industries Ltd. and the Province of New Brunswick appear to be jumping over fences to get away from providing answers that will address the concerns of those correspondents and speakers at many meetings held on the issue.

Today I wrote to the International Rivers Network to assist us. I am sure that through their international magazine the interest of a great many more environmentally aware people will be piqued. Tourists who love the affected area will probably have lots to say. One might hope that even Jamer Industries and the Government of New Brunswick would see the light.

I know that the federal government has shown some concern through local NB representation for which we all ought to be grateful. I trust that MPs from the province will always align themselves on the side of clean air and water for all life, our own and that of other species with whom we share this planet.

One would have thought that no one needed to learn this lesson...but apparently in some quarters they read selectively, ignoring information which could interfere with their singularly selfish interests of 'the bottom line' and 'profit motive'. They obviously haven't heard how very expensive polluting the environment really is--to health, to our future, and to a sustainable planet.

Judy Gibson
58 The Boulevard
St. John's, NL
A1A 1K1
(709) 726-2498

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