Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Bay of Fundy Treasure - Ganong Nature Park Needs You Today!

The Ganong Park Legacy Fund
Honouring the memory of Whidden and Eleanor Ganong
by maintaining the Ganong Nature Park and providing free access to the Park grounds.

Donate online at CanadaHelps.org or contact us at the address below.

It's sad but true.
It costs money to operate a park!


It was candy maker Whidden Ganong's wish that someone would take this magnificent 350 acre historic Todd's Point and make it available to the public as a "nature park". Well, we stood up to the plate and took it on when others had failed. With the help of a host of donors and volunteers, our staff managed to raise the $350,000 needed to buy the property from Whidden's Estate after he bequeathed it to us in his will.

As we had promised, we sought and received funding to prepare a development plan which was presented to the public and which became our blueprint for the future. Ultimately, this study became the foundation of a 1.3 million dollar ACOA grant matched by our investment of an additional $700,000 dollars to round out a 2 million dollar investment in the Park and its beautiful interpretive centre, the Quoddy Learning Centre. New trails, grooming, interpretive nodes, signage and renovations to the Ganong cottage turned a once overrun and decaying property into an important regional asset that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Driven by insurance concerns, SCEP was required to close the park during construction, resulting in a flood of local criticism about the closure and on reopening, additional complaints were made in public about the need for fees to cover weddings, meeting, reunions, and other special events at the Quoddy Learning Centre and adjacent park grounds. Well, it takes money to run a park and we must, like all other venues charge for our services since our discretionary funds are usually nonexistant. It is not possible for us to subsidize private events.

Nevertheless, it is our hope that we can keep the trails and grounds of the park groomed, in repair, and freely open to visitors who wish to walk, hike, bike, snowshoe and ski the many beautiful fields and trails.

And it depends on you.

Our calculations are that it costs $40,000 to $60,000 annually just to keep the park grounds open and free for use. Funds are used to pay insurance and other overhead, groom trails, affect repairs, service equipment, provide security, collect and remove waste, mow lawns and fields and pay maintainance staff among other things.

This is the Ganong Park Legacy Fund honouring Whidden and Eleanor Ganong.

SCEP is the custodian of that legacy and you are the beneficiary. The annual target is $50,000. So please ...
We need you to help us keep the Ganong Nature and Marine Park freely open to the public.

Go right now to
and donate what you can.

Times are difficult and the need is urgent.
Complete our online form for members and volunteers.
More at www.quoddyfuturefoundation.org/legacy.html

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